Why We Joined the Better Business Bureau

Why We Joined the BBB

Why we joined the BBB

You may wonder about our decision to join the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We’ve been a member of the BBB since 2016. “Isn’t that the place where people submit complaints about businesses?” you may ask. Yes, but they do so much more than that. Let’s take a look at why West Arc Welding & Fabrication decided to become a member of the BBB.

We are BBB Accredited! What does that mean to you? In order to be Accredited, the BBB requires that members:

  • Build trust – we have a positive relationship with our clients and our industry members, thanks to our professional, respectful, and high-quality service
  • Advertise honestly – we maintain high standards and honesty in advertising
  • Tell the truth – we honestly represent all our materials, products, and costs
  • Be transparent – we will openly discuss our policies and procedures with you
  • Be responsive – we get back to you in a timely fashion
  • Keep our promises – written and verbal
  • Safeguard your privacy – your information stays with West Arc and goes no further
  • Embody integrity – we aim to make it clear through every interaction and every transaction we have

Looking at the BBB’s criteria, it really comes down to three things: Trust, Accountability, and Process

Being members of the BBB means that you can feel assured that we maintain the highest level of service, quality, and integrity for our customers! We know you don’t want to trust your job, product, or property to just anyone. The BBB is all about advancing trust in the marketplace and we find this ethical standpoint to be in alignment with our own values.

We want you to know that you can count on us. Having a membership with the BBB means we are putting ourselves out there as accountable, dependable service providers. We hold ourselves accountable to best practice standards, a notion highly supported by the BBB. Through our membership with the BBB, we have promised to:

We want to make sure that we give you a chance to be heard. You can leave us positive reviews and commendations through the BBB. But also, if you do have a complaint about our service, being a member of the BBB means that we have a transparent process available to both of us – West Arc as a business and you as the consumer. Transparency and ethical process are important to us and it means that, if you do have a concern, it would be dealt with in a respectful, dignified, and timely manner. Isn’t that how we would all like to be treated?
It’s All for You

Why does any of it matter? Because it’s all for you, our clients and customers! After all, your business is our livelihood. We exist to serve you and we want you to know that you are making the right decision by calling West Arc Welding & Fabrication.