What We Offer – West Arc Welding and Fabrication Services

structural welding

As a multifaceted company, we offer a variety of welding services both in shop and mobile throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver area. We are experts in structural welding and installs, pipe welding, building maintenance and repair, heavy duty welding, industrial equipment repair as well as custom fabrication. Here is just a little overview of exactly what we do here at West Arc Welding and Fabrication.

Structural Welding and installs

West Arc has a lot of experience with structural welding and installations jobs on the larger scale. But what is structural welding? Well, the beams and columns that hold up homes, bridges and office buildings have been fabricated from metal in a welding shop and welded together by a mobile welder. Precision and accuracy are two of the most important pieces when fabricating and welding structures, and West Arc is 100% committed to delivering these two things. West Arc Welding has worked on structures as big as homes to hotels and everywhere between.

Pipe Welding

Two words that you want to hear from a welding company when they are talking about pipe welding, safety and accuracy. West Arc understands the importance of safety and accuracy when it comes to pipe welding and we can ensure that the best techniques are being executed when working on projects. Pipe welding it pretty much in the name, it is the joining and repair of pipes on buildings, vessels and may other structures. Many pipe welding jobs are mobile welding jobs where we come to you, which is great news if you live anywhere in the Lower Mainland or Greater Vancouver. 

Building Maintenance

What does welding have to do with building maintenance? Well over time, structures wear and tear from weather, usage and many other factors, and when you need a structure fixed or repaired (because we all know accidents happen) we will be there to help you maintain the healthy structure of your building. West Arc works with strata management and property owners throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland to ensure the maintenance and upkeep welding work is getting done properly and on time.

Heavy Duty Welding and Equipment Repair

Excavators and bobcats to bulldozers, they all need a little TLC sometimes. Heavy duty welding is welding and repair work done on any machinery or heavy duty equipment. The important thing to note here is to execute a proper weld on heavy duty equipment you must have the right welding equipment. Since this is one of West Arcs specialities, we come fully equipped to take on any heavy duty welding job, whether that is in shop or mobile welding throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Sometimes machinery goes down, we get it and we are your guys who will show up on time, and prepared to do any type of heavy duty welding.

Custom Fabrication 

We love to make your designs come to life. From custom headache racks to custom railings and staircases. Sometimes basic is just that and you need something different or specific to fit a space, our welders come with a bit of a creative edge, you design we fabricate and create!

Metals and Processes

One of the most common questions we get asked about are the processes we used both in shop and while mobile welding, and metals we work with, so here is a quick list.

Processes: SMAW (stick), GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), FCAW (FLUX CORE), Plasma, Oxy/Acetylene.

Metals: Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel.