What Welding Students Need to Know

Welding students

Thinking ahead to the summer or fall when you’re starting a new certificate program in welding? Here are a few considerations that welding students need to know.

Like to Shop?

A number of high school programs introduce students to welding, but how do you know if you’re prepared to take on welding as a career? If you’re still in high school or going back to upgrade, and you already know you’re interested in a career in welding, be sure to see if you have the chance to take shop classes in welding and/or metal fabrication. Check your local school district website for courses, like this one offered through Coquitlam, held at BCIT, where you can get your certificate training.

Check your Numbers

Not only do you have to be proficient at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, good problem solving skills and high school mathematics are also required for a career in welding. You’re going to be working with angles, so some basic geometry is important for your success. Fractions and decimals are key as well, for everything from cutting pipe to measuring project pieces. You may even employ some formulas, such as converting temperatures to determine how a particular material will adapt with temperature changes.

Look into the Future

You can get a solid insight into the heart of the welding and fabrication industry by following news and events, such as what’s happening at the annual CanWeld conference. Now in its ninth year, this conference features everything from talks by industry leaders to live working equipment expos! You can also follow welding news through the Canadian Welding Bureau, among other welding and fabrication industry stakeholders.

Time and Patience

Welding is a skill and an art. Perfection only comes through practice, and lots of it. Build your skills and knowledge, take every chance you get to work with different materials, and really dive into your apprenticeships. Through practice and repetition, you’ll build the hand-eye coordination and muscle memory to become an excellent welder!

If you have any questions on becoming a welder, don’t hesitate to ask us. Also, check out BC’s Industry Training Authority (ITA) for how to get your welding ticket.